Tips for keeping your office organised

Keeping your office tidy may seem straightforward but, as anyone who has ever had deadlines to meet will attest, it is not always that easy. Many businesses spend hours every few weeks sorting out the clutter they seem to have inexplicably accrued only to find that within a day or two the workspace is back in a state of chaos.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. By subtly changing processes and ensuring you have the right storage solutions within your office, you could keep your workplace organised and tidy at all times, and your personnel as efficient as possible as a result.




The first thing to do when you want to create an organised workspace is to rationalise the items you have within the office. This will involve sorting clutter on both macro and micro scales. Utilising floor space efficiently is vital. Freeing up large sections of the room to use more effectively will be a huge part of keeping a space organised. However, if you don’t focus on the small things as well, the mess within your space will quickly get out of control.


This means that as well as organising your room to accommodate your workforce in a more suitable manner, it is also important to minimise the clutter found on each individual workstation. Be thorough and ruthless when streamlining the items within your office and remember there will be little room for sentiment.


Once you know exactly what you wish to keep and what will be winging its way to the skip, you need to find a home for each item you choose to hang on to. It is important to find storage solutions that suit the shape, size and style of your room, but it is also necessary to ensure that these storage units are right for the specific items you wish to store. Not utilising shelves to their full potential wastes a great deal of space within a workspace and often leaves staff unable to easily locate the things they need, when they need them. Finding taller storage units and utilising more vertical space within your office may alone significantly improve your organisation.


New processes


Forcing your staff to clear their desks at the end of each day may not be a great way to boost morale. Instead you should ensure they have the tools to take the initiative themselves. This will almost certainly allow you to get the same results without the need for nagging. The most organised workplaces will have processes in place that prompt workers to spend a few minutes at the end of each day tidying up and rebooting the office space.


The most important part of keeping an office organised and tidy will be the implementation of an effective organisation plan. If your offices are laid out correctly and every item in your space has its own designated spot in which to live, it will be easier to ensure that employees put things back where they belong once they have finished using them.


The more ordered and tidy your workspace is, the safer, more efficient and less distracted your workforce will be. You may therefore want to set times to review the state of your office. By checking how organised your premises is on a weekly basis, you should find that you are able to stop disorder in its tracks.

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