Style Over Substance? Why Choosing Quality Office Furniture Matters

Whether you’re looking to give your current office a modern update or you’re starting from scratch with an entire refurbishment, deciding what furniture to choose requires some careful consideration. It’s surprising how many businesses opt for style over substance when selecting furniture, but this can often prove to be a costly mistake. Of course, you’ll

5 Office Horror Stories

Sometimes, there’s no need to visit a haunted house or watch a scary film to feel a chill down your spine. From bullying bosses to nightmare Christmas parties, the office can be full of hair-raising scenarios. With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we would help put you in the mood for the spooky

The Do's and Don'ts of Office Etiquette

From table manners and queuing to minding your P’s and Q’s, we’re a nation renowned for our customs and protocol. However, when it comes to the workplace, it’s quite often a different story. By ignoring the unwritten codes of office behaviour, strife between co-workers can quickly mount up and result in a stressful working environment.

Three Things Your Rivals Can Teach You About Office Design

With corporate giants like Google setting the trend for innovative offices, more and more companies are looking to create inspiring workplaces in a bid to increase productivity, boost morale and gain a competitive edge. However, that’s often easier said than done. If you’re struggling for ideas on how to transform your office, it might be

Revamp Your Boring Boardroom In Five Easy Steps

The boardroom. A place where pitches are won, important decisions are made and ideas are born. A well designed meeting room can inspire creativity, encourage collaboration and boost productivity. With so much importance placed on this area of the office, it only makes sense to ensure that it looks the part. If you want to

10 Organisational Secrets Your Colleagues Aren't Telling You

No matter how many times you rearrange your paperwork and de-clutter your desk, you can’t quite seem to get organised. Meanwhile, your co-workers always manage to stay on top of tasks and are far more productive than you. While you spend most of your day shuffling things around trying to find what you need, they’re