Elevenses in the Office

Following the success of our Healthy Desk Lunch eBook, we have decided to bring you a second installment… Welcome to the Elevenses in the Office Recipe eBook. This time, we’ve complied a curation of quick, easy and delicious recipes for those mid-morning snacks that beckon us all come 11am on a working day. We believe

5 sure signs your office design is letting you down

In today’s working world, overlooking the importance of office design can prove to be a costly mistake. Shrewd bosses understand that there is a direct link between poor workplace design and increased employee stress, lowered productivity and poor business performance. From a lack of privacy, to poor communication, to messy workstations, there are all sorts

Healthy Desk Lunch Recipe eBook

Who says lunch at work has to be unhealthy? Here at Furniture at Work, we pride ourselves on having a great office lunch, from the comfort of our desks. It’s that one hour of the working day to yourself and what better way to spend it than with one of these fantastic healthy desk lunch

5 space saving tips for small offices

When it comes to cramped workspaces, staying productive can prove to be a challenge. If you are surrounded by teetering piles of paperwork, your chair functions as a coat rack and you spend much of your time rearranging your desk to try and find what you need, now could be the perfect opportunity to take

Understanding what your boardroom says about your business

The boardroom is a place where business deals are won or lost, important ideas are discussed and client pitches are made. As one of the most important areas in your office, how you utilise this space can be extremely telling. The way you choose to design your meeting room can have a profound impact on

Title: Beyond pay packets: what really matters to employees

When thinking about what employees look for in a job, a large paycheck might spring to mind. However, the truth is that salaries and financial bonuses aren’t the only ways to create a motivated and engaged workforce. Unfortunately, far too many companies focus their time and effort on ineffective tactics in an attempt to keep

Setting up a new office: the design dos and don’ts

When it comes to setting up a new office, the stakes are high. Get it wrong and you could lower employee morale, hinder productivity and damage the reputation of your business. Get it right and you can maximise efficiency, improve workplace satisfaction and promote your brand. With that in mind, it’s crucial to put plenty

7 of the most irritating office habits

In the workplace, manners and etiquette can often fall by the wayside. In fact, you’d be surprised by how many people don’t know, or choose to ignore, the basic rules of good office behavior. From messy desks, to being late, to taking personal phone calls, there are all sorts of irksome habits that can cause

5 steps to giving the perfect presentation

There’s no getting around the fact that giving a presentation can be daunting. Whether you’re speaking in front of your colleagues, a potential client or at a large corporate event, communicating your message to an audience is not always an easy task, especially if it’s your first time giving a talk. Luckily, there are plenty

Your Essential Guide To Revamping Your Reception

Whatever industry you work in, the success of your business may be largely dependent on first impressions. As the initial point of contact with your company, your reception area is where potential clients, customers and employees will start to form an opinion of who you are and how you work. Unfortunately, many companies overlook the