How to Create a Positive Corporate Culture

Creating a positive corporate culture might be one of your top priorities in business. After all, as well as being important when it comes to reaching out to customers, this can play a key role in helping you to recruit and retain the best personnel. But how exactly do you go about forging the right

3 ways to make your meeting room more interesting

Your meeting room is an important space in your office, so it’s vital that you do what you can to keep this area looking its best at all times. After all, if you let your meeting room standards slip, you might struggle to make the right impression. So, if your current meeting space set up

2017: The Year of the Green Office

Although we are already halfway through 2017, there is still time to jump on the latest office design bandwagon. This year, it’s all about going green, from the colour itself to the ways in which we can make our work environments more eco-friendly. To learn more about this top trend, keep reading. A splash of

The Importance Of Temperature In The Workplace

It can be tricky to get the temperature of your workplace just right. You might find it difficult to please everyone in your office, and this issue has a tendency to cause controversy between colleagues. However, if you find your employees are complaining about the temperature they have to work in, it’s vital that you

6 Ways To Up Your Office Desk Game

If you work in an office, there’s no reason why your desk shouldn’t be a pleasant, comfortable environment. Even though you may be working away on different projects and under pressure  to meet deadlines, you shouldn’t have to put up with a substandard workspace setup. So, if you’re keen to up your office desk game