4 of the top office distractions, and what you can do to tackle them

According to a study carried out by the University of California, the typical office worker is interrupted every 11 minutes, and it can take a further 25 minutes for an employee to return to their original task. That’s a lot of time spent being distracted, right? From chitter chatter to chaos and clutter, there are

4 ways to make your office desk feel like home

Even if you enjoy what you do for a living, there’s a good chance you miss the comfort of your own home while you’re at work. To help you feel a little more contented, here are four simple ways you can give your office desk a more homely vibe. 1. Introduce some greenery If you’re

How to get the most out of your workstation

Regardless of what you do for a living, if you do it from a computer desk, it’s important that you make sure your surroundings are just right. If not, you could find that you’re unable to perform your role properly. So, to get the most out of your workstation, keep reading. Rearrange your equipment Before

Office Desk Buying Guide

From traditional executive designs to sleek standing models, there’s no shortage of office desks to choose from. The sheer number of options available can make it difficult to know which to purchase for your workspace. So, if you’re searching for the ideal models, it pays to know your stuff. To help you, we’ve put together