13 design tips for creating an accessible workspace

If making your workspace accessible and comfortable for all employees is important to you, it could be time to start making some changes. The ultimate goal is to create a barrier-free, inclusive work environment where employees don’t have to request special treatment. But how do you achieve this, especially with the restrictions of finances and

Is the ‘Coffice’ the future of working?

According to experts such as futurologist Nicola Millard, who predicts trends in the world of work for BT, the traditional office could soon be a thing of the past. She and others believe that the ‘Coffice’ – a hybrid of coffee shop and office – is where many of us will be working in years

What are employees really looking for from their offices?

What strengthens morale in the office, makes employees stay at a company for longer and boosts productivity? You may be surprised to learn that a good office setup can make a big impact on all three. Why the happiness of your employees matters All good employers know that the happier your personnel, the harder they

What is sick building syndrome and how do you deal with it?

You’ve probably heard of a host of work-related health conditions, from musculoskeletal disorders to noise-induced hearing loss. But have you ever come across the term ‘sick building syndrome’? The fact is, if you work in an office, there’s a chance that you or your colleagues have experienced this phenomenon – perhaps without even realising it.

Why office design matters when it comes to impressing your clients

Impressing clients is about much more than simply providing appealing products or services. To win customers over, you have to think carefully about every aspect of your company, including your workspace. Did you know that it takes just one tenth of a second for us to make up our minds about the new people we

How office colour can affect productivity

  We all know that colour affects our mood, so why aren’t more businesses choosing productivity and happiness-boosting hues for their offices? You might not think it’s important, but the colour of the walls in your workspaces could make a big difference to many aspects of the working day. Colour can affect the morale of

A guide on how to kit out your home office

When it comes to kitting out your home office, there can be a lot to think about. If you’re unsure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. In our guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about perfecting this area of your home to ensure it’s a pleasant, comfortable place for you