Importance of flexible office design to employees

There are certain basic elements that all workers expect in an office. From comfortable chairs to plenty of storage, these characteristics are considered must-haves. However, beyond these fundamentals, employees are increasingly looking to their offices to meet other criteria – and one of these is flexibility. A recent survey of 3,500 workers carried out by

How surveillance systems are revolutionising office design

Designers are always searching for ways to improve working environments, and one of the latest trends is to harness surveillance systems in order to create the best possible offices. Companies, along with the design specialists they hire to plan out their work areas, are gathering information about how people use their offices in a bid

Improve your productivity with these 6 office design hacks

Do you sometimes struggle to concentrate at work? Do tasks often take you longer to complete than you’d like? The fact is, many of us could benefit from boosting our productivity in the workplace – and the way we design our offices could help us do precisely this. If you’re looking for ways to become

What would the ‘perfect’ office look like?

Given how much time we spend at work, it’s vital that our offices are pleasant places to be in. But knowing how to design an office that people actually like isn’t easy. From getting to grips with layout to deciding what temperature to turn the thermostat to, there are lots of issues to consider and