How a few simple changes to your office can help boost productivity

It seems that modern day companies are battling against one another to create the best office interior for both their brand and employees. As modern day trends advance, the minimalist office design which most of us are familiar with is becoming a thing of the past. Companies across the UK are creating more vibrant workspaces for their employees, consisting of standing desks, games rooms and an overall more futuristic appearance.

Although more and more offices are being revamped to keep up with modern day trends and to rival competitors, not all UK office workers have the luxury of working in an environment like this. A large portion of workers who have an office based job are used to working with outdated furniture and the sight of dull colours surrounding them. What the majority of employers aren’t aware of, is that the design and appearance of any workspace can have an effect on the productivity of the people working within it. Whether it’s lack of natural light entering the office or poor quality furniture which doesn’t promote good posture; we wanted to share some simple office changes which can have a positive impact on employee productivity.

Start with colour

Believe it or not but the colours you’re surrounded by can have an impact on your happiness and productivity. Research has shown that certain colours can carry elements which help towards a more tranquil and creative place of work.

So what are the best colours to have within an office?

Blue represents the mind. It’s a colour used within many offices as it stimulates the brain and helps people to stay focused; which in turn can help boost productivity. Yellow is often used in creative places of work, such as design agencies. The colour yellow represents emotion and can help promote feelings of happiness and deliver an overall more uplifting mood. Green is believed to represent balance. It promotes calmness and reassurance and is often a preferred colour choice for the interior of an office.

Introduce eye-catching features

An office can sometimes be rather dull and not very pleasing on the eye. Research suggests that working in an environment which contains plants, flowers and photos can potentially boost productivity by up to 15%. Plants are also a good addition to have around the office as they create cleaner air around you, reduce stress and reportedly reduce the risk of sickness; which will be positive for employers. Hanging artwork and images around the office is also a great way of boosting productivity, as it can make employees more creative and means the only thing in sight isn’t dull walls.

Create a relaxing chill out space

Sitting behind a desk all day isn’t good for the mind or body, so it’s important to take regular breaks and get away from your desk. It’s more than likely that older offices don’t have a games room or chill out zone and the office furniture may not be the best to enjoy a lunch break on. Clearing out an unused meeting room and adding beanbags, magazines and even a TV, provides a place where employees can relax and enjoy their lunch break. Creating a relaxing space like this is just one of the many ways in which employees can have a break from office life and give their mind and body a much needed rest.

It’s normal to have a lack of motivation every so often when working in an office. Most people won’t be aware of the many simple changes you can make to help boost productivity and promote an all-round more positive mood within the workplace. Above are just a small number of changes you could make to boost morale within your office and create a more enjoyable workspace for all.

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