How to Choose a Computer Desk for Dual Monitors

When it comes to multi-tasking, a dual screen setup can be the ideal solution. However, with current desk design favouring a minimal look, many desks on the market don’t allow space for two monitors comfortably.

office desk dual monitors

The following are some of the questions you should consider when next buying a desk to accommodate two screens.

How do I create a comfortable setup?

On the subject of ergonomics, one size doesn't fit all. The more adjustability available, the more likely getting a comfortable fit at your desk will be. It’s always recommended that you choose high quality options that can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Long hours spent at your desk can put serious strain on your spine and neck, so it’s essential that your desk allows you to keep a good posture so choose an adjustable chair that matches with your desk too.

Take into consideration the kind of work that will take place at your desk and select a desk where you can comfortably swap between stations in your dual monitor set up without putting unnecessary pressure on your body by feeling cramped.

What size and shape desk do I need? What special features should I look out for?

Corner desks or L-shaped desks can be great for space saving and ideal when you need to switch between devices without acquiring a crick in your neck. Compact desks, often utilised by gamers, offer multiple storage facilities and are perfect for keeping multiple pieces of equipment close by while still being organised. Sometimes size is more important than shape. Being able to position both monitors and other equipment like keyboards, phones and filing with plenty of space can help your workflow enormously.

L shaped computer desk

Sometimes a VESA mount set up can be a useful option. These helpful risers are great for your posture allowing you to look up to your screens but also lift them up from the desk allowing you to focus and keep your worktop free for your other desktop items.

If your IT set up features a lot of wires, choosing a gamer style desk  might work best for you. These desks often feature small holes known as grommets which can be useful for keeping unruly cables tidy and out of the way.

Storage space on your desk is also important. Some options come with in-built options like cup holders and smartphone stands, but sometimes all you require is a good large worktop where you can space out everything you need. List the items you always require at your fingertips and pick a desk to suit. If you’d like part of your set up largely out of sight, why not pick a desk with a cabinet for your computer’s CPU?

Desks that benefit from wheels with lockable castors can be ideal for moving your workplace around with ease and ensuring it stays fixed in place when you find the perfect position. Surfaces with wheels are worth considering when they are made of heavy materials so you can transport the unit around with complete ease.

What material should I choose?

wooden computer desk

Although weighty to move around, wooden desks have plenty of appeal and can warm up your office space with popular shades such as pine, maple and oak.

While glass can look great out of the box, it can be difficult to maintain as a computer desk. Fingerprints and scratch marks soon add up, and your smart new desk can end up looking shabby.

A steel frame for durability with a PVC coated top is a common and functional partnership. Easy to keep clean such modern desks are also easy to transport being extremely lightweight.

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