Office Essentials: 7 Reasons Why Having a Good Office Chair is Important

Many of us spend up to 40 hours a week in the office every week, and during that time we spend the majority of it at our desks relying heavily on the ergonomics of our trusty office chair. Spending this amount of time in a poor-quality chair can lead to all kinds of problems in both the long and short term. In this article, we will discuss why having a good office chair is so important in helping us stay happy, healthy, and productive at work.

Benefits of Investing in a Good Office Chair

1. Improves Communication and Collaboration

The innovative mechanics of a modern, ergonomic office chair, allow team members to move around the office with ease and freedom. This means easier communication and collaboration between desks, but also the chairs can be easily wheeled into meeting rooms for quick catchups and brainstorms.

2. Encourages Good Posture

Office chairs are equipped with numerous features to ensure the user doesn’t suffer from any lasting strains or injuries. Adjustable height, lumbar support and high-quality material are all characteristics of good office chairs and play an important role in keeping us sitting correctly at work. Poor posture can lead to neck, back, shoulder and leg strain, which can lead to low morale and additional health costs. Maintaining good posture and staying free from aches and pains helps us show better endurance and concentration during long hours in the office.

3. Improves Comfortability

Modern chairs are designed with features that allow employees to adjust the chair to meet their individual needs, meaning everyone in the office can sit comfortably. Poor quality chairs might be a good fit for some but not well suited for others, meaning half of the office is uncomfortable throughout their day at work. Comfortability brings a whole host of benefits. For example, it increases motivation and morale while reducing distractions.

4. Creates a Productive Working Environment

We have touched on this already but providing good office chairs helps foster a productive working environment. No one can work at their best while battling with aches and pains day in day out. The ergonomic design of good office chairs help accommodate every employee’s individual requirements, keeping them comfortable and productive during working hours.

5. Promises a Longer Lifespan

Buying a good office chair brings the benefit of a longer lifespan and less maintenance than a cheaper alternative. Not only is regularly replacing broken chairs an unnecessary cost, it is also an inconvenience for both employee and employer. A good quality office chair makes a worthy investment and helps everyone go uninterrupted during their day at work.

6. Creates a Professional Image

An office full of old office chairs that have suffered the test of time looks unprofessional. This can leave a negative impression on visitors that could be potential clients, but also reduce the productivity of employees. We all work better in a work environment we are happy with and having good quality office chairs is important because it helps carry a professional brand image and encourage employees to stay motivated and feel proud of where they work.

7. Shows Appreciation for Your Team

After putting in the hours at work, employees like to feel valued by their employer. Every team member wants to feel comfortable at work and investing in ergonomic office chairs will keep morale high and help them feel that appreciation. Making employee health a priority will lead to a more productive office.

What to Look for in a Good Office Chair?

If you’re on the market for good office chairs and aren’t sure what features to look for. Look for a chair that is going to provide all the benefits listed in the article. For all the ergonomic features you should look out for, read our guide on what makes a good office chair.

This guide should help you understand why good office chairs are important and bring to light all the benefits it can bring to your office. If you’re on the market for new office chairs, Furniture At Work promises industry-leading quality at an unbeatable price.