5 Practical Features That People Want In Their Workspace

What really makes employees happy in their workspace? A Leesman survey of over 250,000 workers from all over the world found that rather than high-tech equipment or colourful décor, what most people want at work is practicality and comfort.

Office workers want equipment that works properly, a desk that meets their needs and an ergonomic chair. They want an office at a comfortable temperature, as well as access to basic facilities. It’s not too much to ask, but many workplaces are sadly getting it wrong.

Here are just five of the practical features that employees worldwide said they wanted from a workspace, and how your business can implement them.

  1. Ergonomic, functional desks and chairs

Your employees will spend most of their working day sitting at their desks. This is why it’s so crucial to choose the right office furniture and set it up properly. Consider talking to your employees about the way they work and what they need to boost productivity as well as comfort. Adjustable sit-stand desks could be the best option, offering flexibility for the widest range of people.

Once you’ve bought your new office furniture, make sure to carry out a full ergonomic assessment for each employee. A proper workspace setup will increase comfort, improve posture and even boost productivity. It’s an investment in your employees.

  1. Tea and coffee making facilities

Visiting the kitchen or coffee machine to make a hot drink offers a good way for employees to take a much-needed short break from staring at a computer screen. Facilities for hot drinks also offer an informal space for socialising and collaboration between colleagues. Your employees will appreciate basic facilities if they currently have none, but a dedicated coffee bar with breakout seating could be a great addition to your staff room or reception.

  1. Flexible meeting spaces

The Leesman research showed a real demand for more flexible work and meeting spaces. As well as smaller meeting rooms that allow teams to concentrate away from a busy open plan office, employees also want more casual spaces in which to collaborate. This could be your new coffee bar (if you implement the suggestion above) or modular seating or standing tables in your reception area. This can work well for ad-hoc meetings as well as greeting clients.

  1. Functional printers

In offices throughout the world, printer faults are slowly driving workers to distraction. Printers, scanners and copiers are essential equipment that many people need in order to do their jobs. Regular breakdowns and glitches can cause huge frustration among your team. It could be a good idea to replace poor quality equipment or get a good support team on standby to resolve any issues.

  1. Natural light

This most simple of requirements in any living or working environment is sadly missing from many modern offices. Natural light has a huge effect on well-being, which will in turn have an impact on productivity, morale and staff turnover. Clean the windows, open the blinds and if you don’t have any access to natural light, consider whether it’s feasible to add a window or light tunnel. You can also adjust the lighting to produce a more natural effect.

All of the above are simple, practical suggestions, but they can make a big difference to staff morale in the workplace.

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