Folding Tables Buying Guide

There are multiple advantages to folding tables. These versatile and flexible furnishings are not only a perfect solution where space is a factor, but also an easy option where storage limitations are concerned. Read our folding tables buying guide to understand the many benefits of this adjustable furniture and to discover some of the superior options on offer for purchase.

folding meeting table

Adaptability and flexibility

Folding tables are a flexible option when you need furniture that is able to fit a variety of different spaces. Being able to adapt the size of your table to fit your needs can be a particularly helpful asset and its versatility means you’re likely to keep it for years. Where available space is an important factor, the capability to fold your table away can be highly beneficial, allowing you to make the most of your room when the furniture is no longer required.

Being able to set up tables for a monthly meeting and then collapse them when they are no longer required, for example, allows you to conveniently adjust your setup as needed with minimal fuss.

Storage, transportation and deployment

Folding tables are incredibly simple to store. Where storage space itself is restricted, folding furniture allows you to maximise what room you do have at your disposal.

Furniture that can fold up flat is also supremely easy to move from storage to locations where it is required. Many folding tables feature lockable wheels as well which can facilitate their efficient transit. Folding tables are extremely easy to set up too, taking a matter of seconds to erect.

folded up semi circular table

A versatile selection of folding tables

Folding tables come in a multitude of designs and styles and are freely available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes. From metal and plastic to wood finishes, like maple and oak, there are many different materials used for different looks and feels. Find the fold away furniture that best suits your individual needs by perusing some of these standout options available.

Flip top folding tables are perfectly suited for impromptu meetings. From Carousel and Spear to Pivot, there is a variety of styles that are designed to keep things simple when it’s time to set up. These tilt top tables are widely available in a selection of shapes to suit your tastes, from semi-circular to trapezoidal. This highly durable furniture is beautifully finished with a choice of wood surfaces, such as walnut and beech, and plastic protection at the edges for longevity of use. Flip top folding tables also feature wheels for ease of movement and locking castors to secure them in place.

Gopak folding tables are an ideal option for irregular training sessions. Easy to set up and folding flat, they are perfect for storing when not in operation. This furniture is very sturdy and simple to use. With posi-lock mechanisms and wipe clean surfaces, they are both safe and easy to care for. Gopak folding tables are offered with a variety of different coloured tops to match your room’s décor. From Economy tables to Vantage folding tables, there are options to suit all budgets.

Red Gopack folding table

When you need to transport your tables quickly and over distance, plastic folding tables can be an excellent choice. Extremely lightweight, these options are very easy to move. Available in a range of shapes, from circular to rectangular, as well as different sizes, there are also options with adjustable height features and some you can hold like luggage - such as the Easy carry folding table.

A wide range of folding chairs are available to accompany these space saving tables, as well as handy trolleys when you buy in bulk that store them in stacks and make transportation easier.

From the Classic to the Comfort folding chair, there is a broad line-up of choices to suit your needs. These simple designs offer lightweight chairs that fold up flat and are equally easy to set up. With wipe-clean vinyl surfaces, they present a hard-wearing option that is easy to care for and available in a range of colours.

Latta fabric folding chairs are a stylish solution for foldaway furniture. Built with additional comfort in mind, this option is ideal for long meetings and conferences with recommended usage of up to eight hours per day. These colourful chairs can be folded and stacked in fours, making them great as an easy-store option.

The Malvar leather-faced executive folding chair is a premium option. Although not fully collapsible, this high-backed chair’s back folds flat for ease of storage. Stunningly presented in soft bonded leather, this executive folding chair features gas height adjustment, back tilt and an integrated headrest.

From weekly meetings to staff seminars, it is always advised that you select your folding furniture by the purpose you require it for.

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