The Cryling Cabinet: The Future of Office Furniture

As 2022 is seeing the workforce return to the office, those age-old problems are coming back to the fore. We’ve all had that feeling where we’ve sat in the office, the stresses of working life getting the better of us, the water cooler gossip testing our patience and the boss who just won’t cut us some slack… makes you want to cry on some days, doesn’t it?

Over the years, many people have asked us to help solve this problem, to provide a safe place within the office to let your emotions run wild, returning to your desk as light as a feather and ready to attack the day (and not your colleagues). That’s why we’ve innovated… the Cryling Cabinet.

Cryling Cabinet Features

From the outside, it appears like any office filing cabinet, but on the inside, it’s a safe haven complete with soundproofing, a comfortable chair to sit down and let those emotions out. With tissues on hand to wipe away the tears and a vending machine offering everything you need for a soothing experience, from chocolate to chamomile tea. The Cryling Cabinet is the latest office technology that every workspace needs to help nurture a happy workforce.

Here’s a round-up of all the features included:

Sound (and scream) proof walls 

The 45x28cm filing cabinet has soundproof padding walls, making it a human-sized space where employees can make as much noise as they need to let those emotions out. 

Bean bag bawler 

Comfort is key in the Cryling Cabinet, and is there anything more comfortable to weep in than a bean bag? We think not! 

Pick-me-up vending machine 

A multi-item vending machine, set up to specifically offer different items for soothing and calming. This includes chocolate, blankets, chamomile tea and stress balls.  

Tear removal tissues 

On those days when the workflow makes the tears flow, there’s always a tissue at hand to help wipe away the floods of emotion. 

 ‘Occupied’ light 

 The Cryling Cabinet is designed to be a safe place, and the external ‘occupied’ light means that employees can be assured of complete peace and quiet as they take some time to regain composure. 


The Future of Filing Cabinets…

Filing cabinets are no longer just for keeping your files in order, they’re for keeping your emotions in order too.

Available for £963 and for a limited time.

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