Take a Break: Can You Beat Our Brainteasers in Record Time?

Working days can often fly by in a flash and it can be all too easy to sit at your desk and keep your head buried in your work without coming up for a breather. In fact, our recent study found that 12% of people don’t take any breaks during a working day.

Taking a break is an important way to clear your head and give your eyes something different to focus on, which is why we’ve put together these take a break brainteaser puzzles, designed to challenge your mind and get you away from the grind for a few moments as you try to solve them. What’s more, we’ve worked out the average and best times to complete each puzzle and are challenging you to try and beat our scores!

  1. The Coffee Conundrum

Average time to find every item: 2 minutes 26 seconds

Fastest time to find every item: 1 minute 47 seconds

Within this picture, you’ll find all the elements needed to make the perfect pick-me-up cup of coffee, but can you spot them within the organised chaos of this home office scene? You’re looking for:

  • A jar of coffee
  • A spoon
  • A bowl of sugar lumps
  • A bottle of milk
  • A mug

2. Fancy a Brew?

Average time to find every item: 2 minutes 35 seconds

Fastest time to find every item: 1 minute 46 seconds

This scene depicts everything you can expect to find in an office, with plenty of files (albeit they could probably use some more filing cabinets and storage cupboards!). If you’re looking to grab a quick cuppa, you’ll have to search out the ingredients needed:

  • A jar of tea bags
  • A spoon
  • A bowl of sugar lumps
  • A bottle of milk
  • A mug

3. Getting Mugged Off!

Average time to find the right number: 2 minutes 47 seconds

Fastest time to find the right number: 1 minute 54 seconds

Finding the perfect mug for your tea or coffee is important, and many offices have a sea of cups to search through. This image has a collection of mugs, but can you work out just how many are included in the picture? The answer is hidden at the bottom of the page!

Hopefully, you’ve found our brainteasers a good excuse to take a break from work and focus on something different for a few minutes. If you managed to beat our record times, then make sure you share your results on social media and encourage your friends to try and beat you!

By the way, there are 57 mugs in the image!

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