What does your zodiac sign reveal about your work characteristics?

Is your desk organised to a tee, or more organised chaos?

If you’re ever left wondering why your office desk doesn’t look like your colleagues, no matter how hard you try to keep it organised, give it a few hours and papers, notepads and stationary are scattered across your desk again, but it might not be your fault, in actual fact, you may have your star-sign to blame!

We’ve conducted a survey, of 1000 British workers, to understand their thoughts and opinions of horoscopes, star-signs and office life.

Of those asked, over 58% of female respondents said they do believe in horoscopes, while only 38% of male respondents said they believe. However, 94% of all respondents said they were aware of what their star sign is, with 51% stating their zodiac description does in fact reflect their personality.

Whether you’re a believer or a non-believer, understanding the different zodiac signs could help to solve your office politics and bring harmony to your working environment.

It was revealed in the survey that over 31% of respondents stated their biggest office pet peeve was a messy kitchen area, while 23% didn’t like a messy kitchen area.

If you agree, and find working around mess and unorganised desks distracting you are likely to be a Taurus, where organisation and efficiency run through your veins. Your stubborn attitude adheres to a ‘place for everything and everything in its place. Or even a Virgo, whose desks, draws, filing cabinets and even cutlery draws become brimmed full of things just for the sake of organising.

If these signs fit your personality, for working harmony, you should steer clear of an Aries, they can be referred to as a ram in a china shop, their bag will carry everything they could possibly need, but their lack of organisation will mean they have a hard time finding anything when they actually need it, while their office desks aren’t visible from all their paperwork.

Sagittarius or Scorpio should also be avoided, known for their hoarding skills, they like to keep hold of things they no longer need meaning their desks will be less than clear.

Leo and Aquarius are known for their creativity and usually think about fun first and mess later. Their office desk looks ropey on a Monday but picks itself back up by midweek. So, if you’d rather be surrounded by creative thoughts and a fun atmosphere but like minimal organisation they’re the perfect desk buddy for you.

When asked what their least favourite characteristic is in a co-worker, 29% of respondents said laziness, and while a Pieces can be applauded for their inventive ways of avoiding organisational tasks, with their kitchen draws filled with gadgets to minimise the banal effort of organising, it may be wise to keep their name off the washing up rota to avoid disappointment.

Understanding zodiac signs in the workplace can help to position certain personality types together effectively ensuring the working day runs smoothly without unnecessary disagreements.

If you want to read about your own horoscope, you can read our eBook here.

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