First Impressions – what does your reception say about your business?

Have you ever thought about what first impression your business is giving? Research shows that we form a first impression in just 0.1 second. This isn’t a lot of time to ensure the first opinion is a good one. So, take a look at your reception furniture what does it say about your business – what would your opinion be if you were entering the premises for the first time?


It’s not just the place people judge but those greeting them too. What are they wearing, how do they sound? All of these are valid questions that impact people’s opinions.


After that first interaction our opinion rarely changes, so let’s make it a good one. Get thinking about the furniture, people, and welcome guests receive. If you get these right you are on track for a positive reputation.


Don’t believe us? Put it to the test watch our latest video and see what you can deduce from these snappy images.



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