From Cryling Cabinets to Crisps: Our Favourite April Fool’s Pranks of 2022

April Fool’s Day has become synonymous with brands, celebrities and businesses having fun on social media with wacky and hilarious new products, sending the Twittersphere into overdrive and leading everyone to question everything they see on April 1st.

This year, we jumped in on the fun with our brand-new Cryling Cabinet, a (sorry to tell you this!) fake product that provided businesses and their employees a safe space to cry within the office. We weren’t the only ones pulling the public’s leg this year; here’s a round-up of our favourite April Fool’s pranks.

The Cryling Cabinet

Obviously, we’d be remiss not to mention our own April Fool’s stunt at the top of this list. We created our Cryling Cabinet design to provide a sanctuary for office staff who want to escape the stresses of everyday life and find a quiet spot to let out their emotions on those tough days. The Cryling Cabinet features soundproof walls, a comfy ‘bean bag bawler’ to sit on and a pick-me-up vending machine, amongst other things. You can find out more about the Cryling Cabinet here.

Deliveroo – Banning Pineapple on Pizza

Image credit: Twitter @Deliveroo

The topic of pineapple on pizza is already one that sparks huge online debate, and Deliveroo took real advantage of that fact with this hilarious fake ban on pineapple on pizza. The food courier company made this bold announcement via Twitter on the morning of April 1st, accompanied by a brilliant video in the style of the anti-piracy videos that used to appear before films on DVD and video, and using witty lines like ‘you wouldn’t juice a ham’.

Tango – Bold New Flavours

Image Credit: Tango

Fake products always go down well on April Fool’s, as brands scramble to create the most ludicrous products and sell them, deadpan to the world. Tango decided that this year they were going to unleash a selection of new flavours… all inspired by Britain’s most loved takeaway foods. Enter Fizz and Chips, Carbonated Chicken and Citrus Gravy cans of pop. Ray Patterson, Brand Director at Tango commented: “We’ve seen a huge amount of our customers enjoy a cheeky Tango with their takeaway, and a survey we conducted shows 58% of 18-34 year olds regularly pair food with soft drinks to enhance flavour.”

Ant and Dec – Toon Coin Bitcoin

Image Credit: Twitter @antanddec

After successfully duping the nation in 2021 by stating that they were renaming themselves ‘Dec and Ant’, Britain’s best-loved TV presenters got into the April Fool’s action again in 2022. This year’s prank involved the much-loved Geordie pair announcing their own brand of cryptocurrency called ‘Toon Coin’. The pair had fans reeled in with their news, even suggesting that Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was a boom operator on Byker Grove many years ago. They stated on their website: “We actually started developing Toon Coin back in the early ’90s as a way of simplifying PJ and Duncan gig ticket sales. We were on the brink of something back then, but it had to take a back seat when we released our Psyche album.”

Walkers Crisps – Giant Crisps

Image Credit: Twitter @walkers_crisps

There’s nothing quite like an April Fool’s prank that leaves the public wishing it was real – and this certainly falls into that category. Walkers Crisps announced that they were releasing a new line of ‘bread shaped crisps’ that made making a crisp sandwich easier and more convenient than ever. Marketing them as “the best thing since sliced bread”, users on Twitter were quick to show their excitement for the new product, only to be disappointed when they realised it was all a clever April Fool’s rouse. It looks like Walkers could be onto something with this one!

From customised filing cabinets to cryptocurrency and beyond, April Fool’s is a great time for brands to show off their creativity and have some fun. Now it’s time to get planning next year’s…

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