The Most Important Piece of Furniture in Your Office

When you spend hours in the office every day it’s pretty important that you enjoy your surroundings. It may just look like an office chair but you’d be surprised just how much the humble office furniture can impact on your day.


The evolution of the office chair is pretty remarkable and traces a history of social change from workhouses to today’s executive suites. From the height of your desk to the colour of the walls, everything plays a part in your mental well being and a happy workforce means a more productive one...right?


Our eBook is a celebration of the most complex and important piece of furniture you use. We have gathered fantastic insights from hundreds of seasoned office workers and facts you didn’t know you needed to know about your working environment.


You can download the eBook below and get chatting to us about it on Twitter using #BestOfficeFurniture and tagging @Furniture_Work.



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