Our impressive selection of poster display boards includes external tamper-proof and waterproof poster frames. These robust products feature aluminium snap frames and are supplied with a unique tool that allows you to open them. They also feature UV protective films to prevent fading.

In addition, we offer wall mounted poster display boards complete with locking cases. These boards can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientations and all wall fixings are provided. Our range also includes external sprung freestanding poster stands. Waterproof and highly stable, these double-sided stands are mounted on wheels for easy manoeuvrability and they feature snap frames.

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Poster Display

Aluminium Poster Display Frames

Only £15.00 + VAT
RRP £38.00

Colour Poster Display Frames

Only £24.00 + VAT
RRP £60.00

Secure Poster Display Frame

Only £33.00 + VAT
RRP £83.00

Tamperproof Poster Display Frame

Only £37.00 + VAT
RRP £93.00

External Tamperproof Poster Frames

Only £39.00 + VAT
RRP £98.00

Busygrip Multiple A4 Frames

Only £55.00 + VAT
RRP £138.00

Wall Mounted Poster Board

Only £66.00 + VAT
RRP £165.00

Poster Display A-Frame

Only £93.00 + VAT
RRP £233.00

Swinging Pavement Sign

Only £134.00 + VAT
RRP £335.00

14 Item(s)

Poster Display

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