Folding Chairs

Folding Chairs

If you need a flexible seating solution, look no further than our range of folding chairs. We offer an array of these convenient, space-saving furnishings and should have the perfect designs for you.

Take your pick from a selection of classic lightweight designs. Supremely easy to transport and store, these chairs feature high-quality plastic seats and riveted steel frames. For a little added luxury, check out our padded designs complete with supportive, upholstered seats. These chairs are also fitted with permanent linking devices that enable you to form fixed rows of seating if you wish.

Our folding and stackable chairs are available in a variety of attractive colours. Choose from black, white and grey, or if you want something that will stand out, you can opt for hues such as blue or burgundy.

All of the products in this range are built with robust frames so they can withstand the rigours of regular use, and some come with an integral hand-hold feature for easy handling. We also offer a number of trolleys that can be used to transport large numbers of folding chairs with minimum hassle.

To complete your purchase, check out our selection of folding tables. We can offer you a complete solution when it comes to flexible office or canteen furniture.

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