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Managers Specials

Comfort Folding Chair

Only £15.50 + VAT
RRP £39.00

Folding Exam Desk

Only £16.00 + VAT
RRP £45.00

Gopak Economy Folding Tables

Only £61.00 + VAT
RRP £153.00

Lisboa Round Folding Table

Only £79.00 + VAT
RRP £198.00

Gopak Contour Plus Folding Table

Only £82.00 + VAT
RRP £205.00

Rico Folding Table

Only £99.00 + VAT
RRP £248.00

Alliance Semi-Circular Folding Tables

Only £186.00 + VAT
RRP £465.00

9 Item(s)

Managers Specials

For the latest deals on our folding tables, why not check out our managers specials? On this page, you’ll find an array of superb value folding tables, providing you with affordable surfaces for your office space.

Each cheap folding table in our range has a fully collapsible frame, meaning you can move and reposition them with complete ease. You can take your pick from an array of different designs too, including models in various shapes, sizes and colours.

All of our cheap folding tables have been made using strong, sturdy materials, and despite the low price tag, you can trust they’ll continue to look their best year after year.

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