Williams Height Adjustable Desks

Williams Height Adjustable desks are the perfect entry level desks for all who require the flexibility of a varying height work surface. To ensure low cost and reliable operation the Williams desk is a perfect sit or stand desk solution with its straightforward, minimalistic design and simple single motor system. This desk allows the user to adjust the height of the desk from sitting to standing by using smooth operating motors system. Having the option to stand, as well as sit during the working day has been proven not only to benefit the health of the user but also of the business by dramatically improving health, well being and energy levels of employees.
Durable steel frames in 3 colours allow desktops to be adjusted from 71cm to 121cm with a low noise level of 42db and speed 32mm per second. Williams desks feature a single motor for a fast, fluid and natural movement with a maximum weight loading of 80kgs.

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