Bookcases By Type

Bookcases By Type

At Furniture At Work, we appreciate how important it is that the furnishings you invest in are the perfect fit. So, to help you find the ideal unit, you can search through our bookcases by type.

In our collection, you’ll find a variety of bookcases. From standard office style units, to models with stylish glass frontals, to unusual corner and cube shaped designs, we offer a wide selection of bookcase types, so you won’t struggle to find exactly what you’re looking for.

We offer combination bookcases too, including units that feature both shelving and cupboard space. Our range also includes models that are suitable for classrooms and other educational environments.

All of our bookcases have been built to last, so you can trust that they’ll continue to look their best year after year. Each unit has been manufactured using strong, robust materials.

If you’re looking for a specific sized bookcase unit, we can help. Our bookcases are available in an array of different dimensions. We stock small, medium and large models, as well as high capacity bookcases that have been designed to provide maximum square footage.

From light beech, to dark oak, to pure white, our bookcases are available in a variety of stunning finishes too.

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