Bench desks

Bench desks

As bench desking solutions are becoming more popular and mainstream in open plan offices, the bench desking ranges have been developed in response to modern office design and for more cost effective desking solutions.

Through its twin fixed beam steel frame construction, bench desking  is robust enough to cope with the rigours of a busy office and is an ideal modular system for high density office spaces. Bench desking is based on one principle – simplicity.

With its clean lines and elegant forms, bench desking offers a choice of classic tried and tested configurations from a single desk to hundreds of workstations in a wide variety of sizes to fit any office space. The legs can be shared between bench clusters, which not only look aesthetically pleasing, but save space and decreases costs, whilst incorporating very effective cable management.

Clean lines and balanced proportions make bench desking a stand out in the modern office. Desktops are available in a variety of finishes ensuring bench desking looks the part in any office environment. The foundation of bench desking is a powder coated square steel framework for enhanced strength and stability that forms the structure of the ranges - finished in a variety of colours.

Horizontal and vertical cable management allows cables to rise from the floor via single leg and mass cable risers, to improve office aesthetics and safety.  Bench desking is a modular workspace system for high density office spaces. Assembly per cluster is quick and easy through its highly engineered parts which further increase the system’s functionality.

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