Floor Screens By Shape

Floor Screens By Shape

Floor screens provide you with a simple way to divide up open plan working areas to give employees greater privacy, reduce noise levels and create different areas within your office that can be used for different purposes.

At Furniture At Work, we offer a wide range of these useful accessories. So that you can find the perfect designs for you as quickly as possible, we enable you to browse floor screens by shape on our website.

Perhaps our freestanding rectangular screens would be ideal for your office. Handcrafted and featuring exposed edge stitch detailing, these products boast clean, classic lines. Alternatively, maybe you’d prefer the softer, curved corners of our Atmosphere floor screens.

For added flexibility, our Busyscreen multi-functional screen system could be just what you’re looking for. These systems include curved screens that can help you to create tailored partitions that suit the shape of your workplace. We also offer Busyscreen triple safety screen sets that come with three panels.

All of our floor screens are available in a wide range of colours, ensuring you find products that complement the décor in your office. They are also extremely easy to put up, move around and pack away, giving you total flexibility.

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