Trucks & Trolleys

To help you transport heavy loads, bulky equipment and materials, look no further than our range of trucks and trolleys. These accessories provide you with a quick, easy way to move cumbersome and awkwardly shaped items, allowing you to maintain a safe work environment for you and your employees. Our trucks and trolleys are available in a wide selection of different designs. You can choose from basic sack and lift pallet trucks which have been designed to slot under objects, providing you with a simple solution to move items that you might struggle to manoeuvre yourself.

We also offer an array of steel platform trucks. Take your pick from models with and without sides, as well as designs complete with bag holders and removable boxes. Each model features an easy-grip handle and smooth wheeled castors which allow you to push or pull the heavy duty platform truck around your workspace.

In our collection, you’ll find an array of shelf trolleys too. Available with multiple shelf quantities, these trolleys are perfect for order picking and transporting small, lightweight items, such as tools and paperwork. Our shelf & folding trolleys are available in many different styles, from plastic models to stainless steel frame designs.

To help you manoeuvre items in a safe and timely manner, perhaps our roll pallets are more suitable. Available in many different sizes, you can choose from these cages in a variety of styles, such as models with half drop sides and inbuilt shelving.

We stock a plethora of transport dollies, including basic, easy carry versions and folding box trolleys. Choose from dollies that are designed to transport specific items too, such as pneumatic tyres and conference chairs. We also offer trolleys to help you move drums and cylinders without the hassle of heavy lifting.

To help you move items to a certain height, look no further than our range of lifters and stackers. Simply use the devices to raise the objects to the height you need. 

Find out more about our range of trucks and trolleys by browsing this page. Remember we offer free and next day delivery options on all orders.

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