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Classroom Science Tables

Fully Welded Craft Tables

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Crush Bent Craft Table

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Fully Welded Science Tables

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Classroom Science Tables

Spacious surfaces are an essential part of any science classroom. So, if you’re looking for the ideal worktops for your students to use, make sure you check out our fantastic range of science tables. Aside from being perfect for this type of school environment, they’re also versatile enough to be used for arts and crafts, food technology lessons and much more.

Each table in our range is strong and robust, featuring large, smooth worktops and sturdy legs. They provide your students with the room they need to focus on their studies during class. Available in a variety of dimensions, you shouldn’t struggle to find desks that are the perfect fit for your space.

So that your tables match your overall decor, you can pick from a selection of stunning colours, including pure white and navy blue, as well as striking wood finishes such as natural oak and light beech.

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