Top tips to avoid furniture at work complaints

June 12, 2013

As an employer it’s your responsibility to keep employees as happy as possible, and you’ll want to be proactive in your quest to avoid issues. Furniture at work complaints will be common unless you do everything you can to provide suitable equipment, tuition and analysis, so here are a few top tips to keep issues to a minimum:

  • Conduct risk assessments. Risk assessments should already be a core part of business management, but you need to make sure you incorporate furniture into the equation as well. You’ll want to check that your furniture is up to standard and that you’re accommodating everyone in your workforce, particularly those that are vulnerable or who could have specific needs—pregnant women might need different chairs or cushioning, for example, whilst a shorter individual could benefit from a foot rest to ensure proper posture and a comfortable seating position.
  • Provide high-quality furniture. Going for high-quality products is the only option, and make sure you’re getting chairs, monitor stands and even desks that are fully adjustable to ensure you cater to everyone.
  • Listen to employees. It sounds simple, but listening to your employees will make all the difference—they’re the ones using the furniture and that means they’re best placed to offer suggestions for improvement, and you’ll need to make sure you’re receptive to individual complaints so you can provide solutions accordingly.
  • Make furniture a part of health and safety tuition. Any employee should go through health and safety training programmes and refresher courses throughout their time in the workplace, and a big part of that should be telling them the importance of proper posture and how they can adjust their furniture to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible.
  • These are just a few ways you can help avoid furniture at work complaints, and if you bear them in mind you’ll have a workforce that’s happy, healthy, productive and free from complaints.

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    Solve workplace problems with the right furniture at work

    June 6, 2013

    A business is only as good as its employees, and if those employees suffer from health issues as a result of their environment you’re not going to achieve the necessary targets. Poor-quality furniture has a lot to answer for—back pain, problems with eyesight and general health niggles can often be attributed to furniture that isn’t suitable for the job in hand. This means if you choose wisely you’ll be able to solve a great deal of furniture at work problems.

    Let’s start with the most common complaint of all—back problems. Such issues are prevalent in an office environment for the simple reason that employees spend the majority of their day sitting down, and a lot of the time they don’t have the right furniture to accommodate. If the chair can’t be adjusted to suit different heights and seating positions your workers will quickly become uncomfortable. Health issues can be further aggravated if computer monitors aren’t properly aligned or if keyboards aren’t in the right place. Of course, employees should always be taught ways to make their workstation suitable, but the right furniture will provide the foundation.

    Then there’s the legal aspect to consider. Health and safety should be a core part of business policy and workplace furniture can actually make all the difference—if employees are suffering as a result of you failing to provide the necessary equipment you could be held liable, and negligence claims can soon stack up. That means potential lawsuits can be avoided if you choose products wisely, and what about productivity? Workers that are safe, comfortable and happy will be more motivated and will have fewer sick days too, so it makes sound financial sense as much as anything else.

    Health complaints, safety concerns and myriad furniture at work problems can be easily avoided if you choose the right pieces of kit for the job in hand, so make sure to do your research and you’ll be able to find furniture that can solve all your workplace issues.

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    Choosing the right furniture for your workplace

    June 1, 2013

    As an employer you need to do everything you can to ensure you provide a safe, comfortable environment for your employees, and a key part of that will be getting the furniture right. It may seem like a small part of the equation, but it plays a bigger role than you might think—furniture is more than merely aesthetic and it isn’t only functional either, with the right choices actually making all the difference to the health and overall productivity of your workforce. So doesn’t it make sense to choose wisely?

    In order to ensure you get the right furniture for the job, the first thing you need to do is identify the type of furniture you’ll actually need, and we mean more than looking at the basics. Yes, desks and chairs will be vital, but what kind of items will be most suitable? You need to consider health and safety as well as more general aspects of practicality to make absolutely certain you choose wisely, with things like adjustable chairs being ideal to ensure total osteo health. Make sure to pay close attention to employees who might have more pressing concerns too—those with back problems, for example, might need additional pieces of kit, so it’s important to identify specific areas of concern that will need to be addressed.

    Once you’ve identified the type of furniture you’ll need the next step is to source the right products, and that’s where research comes in. You should scour the marketplace to track down the right products at the right prices, and always be on the lookout for furniture at work reviews. These can give you added peace of mind that you’re choosing wisely, with positive recommendations being a great indicator of quality and the overall merit of your potential items of furniture. Sourcing furniture at work reviews can mean you’re far more likely to make the right decision, so make sure to see what you can find and you’ll soon be able to choose the right furniture for your workplace.

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    A Vast Array Of Computer Desks

    May 31, 2013

    Getting the right computer desks for your business is all important. They really can make the difference when it comes to the productivity of your staff. At Furniture At Work™ we have a fantastic range including corner desks, rectangular varieties and those with built in drawers. Before investing however, it is important that you carefully consider the needs of your staff. Not every staff member works well with drawers taking up space beneath the desk. Designers and architects, for instance, are often moving across the desk to tend to different aspects of their work and don’t want to be inhibited by drawers. Many other office workers on the other hand sit and work at the computer with not much need to move across the desk. Still, this doesn’t mean you should invest in a potentially more expensive desk that has drawers, since it really could be a matter of necessity.

    Many workers would be happy with our Rectangular C-Leg desk which allows for maximum movement beneath the desk with a rolling chair. Each desk also 2 or more cable ports to conveniently hold cables from the tower beneath the desk. Alternatively, you can store the tower on top of the desk for added space beneath, with the cables attaching to plugs beneath the table. Many of our C-Leg desks have a wave design that allows workers to find space to their right or left away from the computer keyboard. This is great for doing any paperwork comfortably while also encouraging a good posture.

    These desks are very cost and space effective but if you do want a H leg desk with some drawers, then our VL Assembled Clerical H-Leg desk is a great option. It comes in 3 different sizes so you can tailor it to the specific room you want to put it into while you can also decide how many drawers would be best for your worker. The steel H frame, like all of our desks, is built for strength and ruggedness and such a desk will be around for many years to come.

    A c-leg corner computer desk is another great way to make the most effective use of space in a room. We offer both left and right hand varieties which means that you’ll have the answer no matter what type of corner you can’t fill. We can also offer the VL Assembled Ergo C-Leg desk in 2 different sizes, further scaling the furniture to your particular facility. Such a desk also has other great selling points such as the wipe clean 18mm melamine tops which are designed to meet BS 476 PT7 Class 1. We are constantly offering deals on desks like this, so it is important you check back frequently to ensure the best price.

    We also offer executive office furniture online which make greater use of style and storage space. The Aliano Executive and the Antique replica are both beautifully crafted options which will truly make the room executive. Other creative ergonomic designs such as the Prestige are available too.

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    Creating Temporary Workspaces

    May 20, 2013

    Temporary spaces can require some very creative thinking when it comes to office furniture. At Furniture At Work™, we want to ensure we fulfill all of your office needs no matter what they are. This is why we stock Gopak tables. These are some of the best easily transportable tables available on the market, coming in a wide range of different colours, shapes and configurations. They can be quickly deployed to create a temporary workspace that can allow you to get all of your work done before moving on quickly and easily. They are designed to be sturdy and will hold-up a surprising amount of weight easily so long as they are taken care of. If you are wanting to take advantage of a seasonal market or need some extra office space quickly, then Gopak are really the best solution. They can be easily folded up and placed into a vehicle for transport or into a storage room with many of them being designed to stack on top of each other.

    Of course, with Gopak economy folding tables you can also create temporary dining and work spaces outside if you so choose. These can be placed outside of the canteen so employees can enjoy dining in the sunshine in summer. Because they are rapidly deployed, they can be taken back indoors at a moment’s notice. Many of the options available also come with benches which can allow plenty of people to use the same table.


    While you might consider office furniture UK to have no outdoor options, the Gopak Premier can easily be deployed outside or inside. If you are wanting to organise a team building activity outdoors, then Gopak could be the perfect solution. The Premier is manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standards and comes in different heights for different users. If you are wanting to create a buffet, the table will be slightly higher at 46cm than the adult height of 43cm. This is in turn higher than the junior height of 38cm. This means the Premier is a great choice for schools as well as businesses. Depending on who will be using it, you can opt for the many different colours from bright, solid reds and greens to more professional timber tones.

    Different Shapes

    Round folding tables are great for a variety of different uses from educational institutions to temporary breakout areas. A round table really invites all to have their input, perhaps being the most sociable of tables. This is great for kids at school too, since they will each be more aware of what everyone else is doing. For both business and education alike, tables like this encourage group thinking and activities. Like the Premier, this table meets BS EN ISO 9001:2000 but it also meets the BS for strength and stability BS5873 FIRA part 3. It is a very compact design that will fold away easily. If you add to this the tolley solution you can easily and safely transport these tables around, deploying them at will.

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    Boardroom Table Considerations

    May 10, 2013

    The conference table holds a special position of centrality and importance in a company. It is something that you cannot really afford to dismiss or get wrong since it is at this table that the most important decisions of your business will be taken. The table should be something that can be used daily with little notice and should not become a hindrance to anyone around it at any time. By that same token however, the table must be attractive and convey all of the messages of importance and seriousness that a boardroom should have. Fortunately, at Furniture At Work™ we have a great selection of boardroom tables of many different designs including those that are created to facilitate discussion, those that are more intimate and those that are simply luxurious.

    Seating And Finish

    It is also important to consider who is going to be sat around this table and what special requirements they have. You may need a table that is spacious enough for a wheelchair or larger executive chairs, for instance. Getting this wrong can make investing in such a large and important table a costly experience. The table must also rationalise with the design that is already present in your boardroom as well, both in terms of aesthetics and size. A table like this should be small enough for the chairs to be extended fully allowing staff, clients and delegates space to sit easily. To this end, we often have different dimensions for our tables and have a choice of different colours or finishes.

    Luxuriously Jung

    We start with the most luxurious of our offerings – the Jung Boardroom. This premium table comes in classic rectangle, radial or oval shapes each of which look the part. They truly are the premium option but at Furniture At Work™ you can often find them with more than half cut from their recommended retail price. The tables are seated on 16 gauge metal subframes that make for great stability, even on uneven floors. The ‘Outrigger’ legs also allow for you to place the maximum number of tables around the table. This particular option comes in three different sizes allowing you to accommodate more people in your important meetings.

    High Capacity Low Price

    Cheap office furniture doesn’t have to be cheap in the worst sense of the word. We know that you want the best when it comes to executive meeting tables, so we have gone all out to create something that is affordable as it is adaptable. The Executive Modular Tables are a great example of this. The table can be split up into 3 modules, each of which can be invested in separately to increase the size of the table as well as provide adaptation to specific room designs. This table comes with D-end pieces, central rectangular sections and squared sections. You can invest in the rectangular and square sections as required to increase the size. If you are struggling for space the table can be deconstructed and put in storage or reconstructed for use as individual desks.

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    Designer Chairs That Communicate

    May 5, 2013

    There is no rule stating that contemporary office furniture cannot look modern or even designer. Many buyers will be tempted by the more functional designs on display simply because they tick so many boxes, but at Furniture At Work™ we have many different options that not only fulfill your immediate requirements but can also fulfil what you want in terms of image. This includes the necessities of health and safety, ensuring that people can sit for long periods without suffering from such problems as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Each design we showcase is created to ensure that workers adopt the correct posture and position, although they must ensure they follow the correct procedures too.


    There are an increasing number of businesses who count on the furniture of their business space to express who they are because it completes the image they are trying to convey. One such business sector is the professional creative industry. These have been growing for a long time even culminating in professional creative websites that purely advertise creative jobs. This indicates that there is a significant space for web designers and graphic designers to advertise themselves in a sphere where image is all important. But for these businesses, it is important to be able to express ideals and messages in order to attract more business and look like the outfit they purport to be. Specific furniture such as our executive mesh chairs have a completely different message than those that are made from fabric or even those that are made from leather. They can imply and reinforce to clients that you stand for a level of creativity without you having to explicitly say it. In the case of the companies that deal with marketing, this can be a vital method of communicating since they should be adept at marketing themselves first!

    The Dalla Mesh Chair

    One of the best examples of designer yet cheap office furniture is the Dalla Mesh Chair. It is available at an individual price of £170 which is a snip considering the recommended retail price of £423! It is designer all the way looking elegant and consummately professional – an artist’s chair within a professional space that lets your clients know you work within an artistic sphere but take business seriously. The high back encourages a good posture which so many chairs simply overlook. The leather effect seat is designed to be comfortable over long sitting periods and will retain its shape well. It works well behind a conventional desk or any other type of artist’s desk given the gas height adjustment mechanism. It also allows the user to recline the chair to a significant angle allowing for consideration, relaxation and contemplation. The tension control will take into account an individual’s weight and requirements, adjusting to their requirements as well as that of any modular office furniture. The arms simply add more comfort and again, encourage a very good posture while working at a desk, either at a computer or at the drawing board for long periods.

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    Discreet And Secure Cupboards

    May 1, 2013

    At Furniture At Work™ we have gone to great lengths to give you a fantastic variety when it comes to storage solutions. Of course, with offices being literally any shape you could imagine, this bodes extremely well. As well as this, it also ensures that with us you should be able to find exactly what you want in terms of design and price. We typically stock items in several colours, so it is important to always bear this in mind since you could find something that exactly matches your current or desired scheme.

    Economy Cupboards

    A storage cupboard is a great way to keep an office neat and tidy. They typically have several shelves and are extremely durable. One of the best examples of this is our Economy Cupboards. These are available in grey and cream/coffee colours which will enable them to discretely blend into your work environment. You can specify how many shelves you want each cupboard to have, with this particular instance accepting up to 4. With only one shelf you can easily store those larger objects while the strong doors are kept in line with door stiffeners. This is a great investment if you are looking to provide high quality, high volume storage at a great price throughout one of your facilities. These are literally office staples across the country.

    Something More Secure

    One of the things often lacking from much office furniture is a reliable security solution. Our Security Cupboards are specifically designed to give you this with fantastically arranged, spacious cupboards which also come up trumps in terms of secure design. Again, you can dictate how many shelves you want in the cupboard with a maximum of four possible, but where this cupboard really stands out is in its security features. The all steel construction adds some reinforcements to your office and the two point locking system with hasp and staple will go well with a padlock. The door colours can be modified to give these shelves some colour co-ordination which can help those with clearance to be able to identify the contents without opening it.

    The most secure option we have in stock is the High Security Cupboard. This builds on the previous option with fully welded, cold rolled 16 gauge heavy duty steel. It is built like a tank in order to keep your most important information safe. As such, the doors are inset to prevent people from crow-barring into them while the hinges are concealed so as to provide further security. It comes with a different locking system as well, with reinforced 10mm rods that lock into place with the 7 lever safety lock. This ensures that the doors can’t be removed even if the hinges are detached! You will be given two keys, which must be kept safe and secure themselves.

    If your current security solution is failing or isn’t even in place, going for our next day office furniture delivery with this can help you to plug that security leak as soon as possible.

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    Why Homeworkers Still Need an Office

    April 30, 2013

    The coming of the Digital Age has massively changed the way we work here in Britain. After all, the wide availability of high speed Internet and the prevalence of mobile communications now make it possible for more people than ever to work from home as remote workers or freelance professionals.

    Indeed, there are signs that the number of people working from home is on the increase in the UK. According to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), a total of 59% of employers who responded to a survey in 2011 stated they were offering their employees opportunities to work from home. This figure represents an increase of some 13% from a similar survey carried out in 2006.

    Of course, there are also all of the freelancers and online traders (professional eBay-ers and Amazon-ers) to take into account as well.

    Clearly, we Brits are people who like the idea of working from home very much.

    However, it is safe to say that people who are new to home working often approach it with the wrong attitude when they first get the opportunity to ‘live the dream’. To be sure, many fledgling homeworkers cannot wait to simply laze around on the sofa in their pyjamas, producing work on a casual ‘as and when’ basis. Truly, there is something inherently satisfying about being all chilled-out and relaxed in the comfort of your own home when you know everyone else has to put up with having the boss looking over their shoulder.

    However, the reality is that this satisfaction is short-lived and unproductive. Not just unproductive in the psychological sense but also unproductive in the tangible sense. This is because working in this way inevitably leads a home worker to develop habits and behaviours early on that will stop them from working as hard as they could (or indeed, should). The result of this is that employees given opportunities to work remotely will find themselves being quickly recalled to their office and freelancers and online traders will ultimately be unsuccessful in their endeavours.

    The truth is that home workers who want to be truly productive need to create a designated space in their home that will make them act professionally and be productive whenever they are in it.

    Quite simply, homeworkers need to have a home office.

    Without doubt, having an allocated room or area with a corner office desk and a decent chair in really can make all the difference when it comes to working from home. This is because an office-type environment doesn’t just provide home workers with a practical place to carry out their tasks; it also helps to get their brain switched into ‘professional mode’ that much quicker. Moreover, sitting in an ergonomic chair and working at an ergonomic corner desk is much healthier than slouching on the sofa with a laptop.

    Truly, investing in just a few items of suitable office furniture from us here at Furniture At Work™ will help any homeworker to be more productive.


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    How Office Furniture can help you to Become a Successful Online Internet Trader

    April 26, 2013

    Thanks to the advent of the Internet, it is now possible for enterprising individuals to earn a decent income from running an online business. Indeed, the number of people who cite trading on websites like eBay and Amazon as being their sole income has sky-rocketed in the last decade. This is to be celebrated as it shows there is still a strong spirit of entrepreneurial enterprise here in Britain.

    Unsurprisingly, you may find the idea of being an online trader or retailer to be very appealing. After all, you won’t have to work for anyone else; you won’t have to commute to and from your place of work every day, and you won’t have to indulge in fractious office politics.

    Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

    However, it is fair to say that running a business from home is not something to be taken lightly. If you have the mentality that you will wake up whenever you like and work from your laptop in bed then you will be unlikely to enjoy much success.

    No, if you really want to make a go of your online business then you need to think like a professional. In essence, this means that you need to have an area in your home which is devoted to your business as this will encourage you to adopt a professional mindset and get as much work done as possible.

    Put simply, you need to have a home office.

    Regardless of whether you will be working in a designated spare room or simply in the corner of an existing room, there are a number of working essentials you will need to create a home office that is truly fit for purpose. Indeed, office chairs, computer equipment, filing cabinets, organisers, document binders, and perhaps even label makers are just a few of the things which you will need to run a successful online business.

    However, whilst all of the aforementioned working items are indeed essential, your primary concern will most certainly be to purchase an office desk.

    Although there are several aspects that you will need to consider before choosing a particular desk, the amount of space you have available will undoubtedly be the most pressing. If you are fortunate enough to have a relatively spacious home that has a spare room available then you could invest in a large desk that offers a decent amount of surface space. This will provide you with plenty of room for your computer, printer, storage folders, reference books and stationary and still probably have enough space available to accommodate your dinner! If space is at a premium however, you may need to opt for corner computer desk that has a sliding keyboard panel as this will help to ensure your ‘office’ doesn’t monopolise the room.

    If you would like to find out more about buying high quality office furniture for your home, simply browse our pages further here at Furniture At Work™.


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