Cube Lockers

For a storage unit that’s completely tailored to suit your exact requirements, our cube lockers are the perfect choice. You can create your desired locker layout by stacking or bolting together as many cubes as you need. Our workplace cube lockers provide a secure space for employees to keep their personal belongings and are especially useful where space is limited.

Manufactured from strong, welded steel, our lockers are robust and hardwearing, featuring inbuilt vents to promote improved air circulation. They are also installed with a secure locking system to give peace of mind that your items are stowed away safely. These lockers are finished with scratch resistant coating, so you can rest assured they’ll continue to look their best.

Our cube lockers are available in a variety of sizes. Each locker has a light grey carcass, and you can pick from a selection of bright door colours, such as red, blue, yellow and green.

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