Vinyl Office Chairs

Vinyl Office Chairs

Our vinyl office chairs are available in a plethora of different styles. We have operator and draughtsman models complete with large contoured backrests and seat sections, providing you with a comfortable, supportive place to sit. Our vinyl operator and draughtsman chairs can be adjusted in terms of height and tilt, and you can take your pick from models with or without padded armrests.

We also stock a selection of traditional style vinyl conference chairs that are suitable for a whole host of settings, such as meeting rooms and reception areas. Each one has a cushioned seat, and due to their stackable design, our vinyl conference chairs are easy to store away. For a more contemporary look and feel, you can also take your pick from our vinyl covered bistro stools. Available in sets of two, these designs feature polished metal frames and D-shaped foot rests.

Each product in this range has been covered in soft, high quality vinyl material. Simply wipe the seat and backrest sections to keep them clean. It’s that easy.

To make sure these chairs match your overall decor scheme, you can choose from a variety of stunning vinyl colours, including red, blue, purple, grey, green and black.

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