Here at Furniture At Work®, we aim to deliver the best service to the amazing NHS. As an indispensable part of British society, we understand how important it is to get the very best price.


Furniture for Every Healthcare Environment

We pride ourselves on offering the widest range of furniture in the business. Our range of healthcare industry products is no exception. Whether it’s a local GP that needs a new reception desk, some waiting room chairs, or office chairs for administrative staff, we’ve got it all on our site.

For research labs, we’ve also got you covered. Our range of industrial chairs and stools are designed for the rigorous and unique workplace that is the laboratory. For pharmacies who need to make use of their space, we provide a range of shelving and storage units, fit for everyday use. It’s all available here at Furniture At Work.

Safety-first Design

In the NHS and other healthcare environments, safety is of paramount importance. That’s why we take care to design all our products in line with best safety practices for the industry. All our chairs, tables and other healthcare furniture comes in a variety of wipe-cleanable fabrics, such as vinyl.

For organisations handling potentially harmful chemicals, take a look at our range of COSHH storage. Designed for hazardous substances, they come with extra protection, warning signage and restrictive access.

In environments where infection controls and public safety are high on the list of priorities, these product features are absolutely vital.

Credit Services Available

In public sector organisations like the NHS, spending taxpayer money responsibly has to be considered at all times. We pride ourselves on providing the industry with quality furniture at the very best price – but our commitment to good value goes further still. As a display of our support for the work of the NHS, we offer instant credit facilities to all areas of the organisation. Simply select 'Invoice me' or 'Proforma' at checkout.

All that’s left to do now is try us out. Head over to the Furniture At Work site and order your new healthcare and office furniture today.