Office Screens

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OnBoard display system

Only £224.00 + VAT
RRP £560.00

Atmosphere floor screens

Only £134.00 + VAT
RRP £335.00

Atmosphere desktop screens

Only £79.00 + VAT
RRP £198.00

Freestanding floor screens

Only £105.00 + VAT
RRP £263.00

Busyscreen triple safety screen set

Only £490.00 + VAT
RRP £1,225.00

Glazed desktop screens

Only £125.00 + VAT
RRP £313.00

Fabric wave desktop screens

Only £75.00 + VAT
RRP £188.00

Fabric rectangular desktop screens

Only £69.00 + VAT
RRP £173.00

Rounded floor screens

Only £125.00 + VAT
RRP £313.00

Triumph straight desktop screens

Only £61.00 + VAT
RRP £153.00

Many people work in open plan offices that provide employees with very little privacy and can be the cause of frustration and distraction at times.

Offering a variety of designs and styles, our range of office floor standing screens and office desk screens not only provide a degree of privacy, but they also add the finishing touches of colour to office furniture and can give extra character to any office space.

Floor standing office screens provide visual, physical and acoustic barriers in the workplace by separating parts of the office into teams and groups, or creating quiet work zones and breakout areas in open plan spaces.

Search our great range of desk dividers and office screens at Furniture At Work. All office partition screens are available in several shapes and colours, and they also vary in height and width.

Each office partition screen is designed for easy assembly and our floor screens may include wheels for easier mobility. Office partitions can help to provide privacy in the office and flexibility in the layout of your workspace.

If you’d like further information or advice to help you purchase the right screens for your business, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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