Never let your tech and tools run out of power with our innovative charging lockers. These units provide you with a safe and secure place to plug in your equipment to recharge. All of our charging locker stations have been built to last. Each one is strong, sturdy and robust with a securely hinged, lockable door so you can charge your laptops, tablets and other tech with complete confidence. Each compartment is well ventilated to prevent your equipment from overheating while it charges. You can take your pick from a variety of different charging locker stations. In our collection, we have tall, single door cupboards, as well as large, multi-locker units, so you won’t struggle to find something that suits your needs. You can also choose whether your locker provides socket charging only or USB charging too. To make sure your unit satisfies your requirements, you can specify the number of compartments you need. You can also choose from a selection of door colours such as red, yellow, blue, green and white.

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Charging Lockers

Probe Multi-Door Laptop Charging Lockers

Only £584.00 + VAT
RRP £1,460.00

Probe Tool Charging Lockers

Only £291.00 + VAT
RRP £728.00

Economy Tool Charging Locker With 6 Doors

Only £503.00 + VAT
RRP £1,258.00

Economy Tool Charging Locker With 8 Doors

Only £600.00 + VAT
RRP £1,500.00

QMP Tool Charging Locker (Solid Doors)

Only £411.00 + VAT
RRP £1,028.00

Lapcabby Lyte Wall 10 Tablet Charging Unit

Only £567.00 + VAT
RRP £1,418.00

Unicabby 20H Laptop Charging Trolley

Only £1,076.00 + VAT
RRP £2,690.00

Unicabby 32H Laptop Charging Trolley

Only £1,262.00 + VAT
RRP £3,155.00

40 Item(s)

Charging Lockers

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