If you need secure storage lockers, look no further than our range of twin lockers. Due to their tall, slimline design, these units offer the perfect storage solution in areas where space is limited. Despite their narrow structure, our twin lockers still provide ample room to neatly stow away personal belongings. We offer models with inbuilt shelving and hooks, providing a place to keep items such as coats, bags and shoes. Each slimline locker unit has a strong grey carcass and two heavy duty doors, meaning these cupboards will continue to look their best for longer. To keep your items safe, each door is lockable, and you can choose your lock type, such as hasp, cam or digital combination lock. You can take your pick from designs with flat or sloping tops, and each unit has been coated in anti-microbial powder for improved user hygiene. To ensure that your lockers complement your space, you can specify your preferred door colour. From white, black and blue, to red, green and yellow, you won’t struggle to find the perfect colour.

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Twin Lockers

Economy Slimline Twin Lockers

Only £177.00 + VAT
RRP £443.00

Elite Twin Locker

Only £171.00 + VAT
RRP £428.00

Elite Twin Locker With Sloping Top

Only £185.00 + VAT
RRP £463.00

QMP Twin Lockers

Only £203.00 + VAT
RRP £508.00

Probe Standard Twin Locker

Only £180.00 + VAT
RRP £450.00

Probe Standard Twin Locker Nest Of 2

Only £353.00 + VAT
RRP £883.00

8 Item(s)

Twin Lockers

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