Local Government


Here at Furniture At Work®, we aim to deliver an incredible service to local authorities across the UK. We understand how important it is to get incredible products at the very best price.

Local Government

Servicing All Areas of Government

Furniture At Work proudly work with all industries within the public sector every day. We help local schools, community services, hospitals, the fire service, recreational and social services operate the best they can. These key organisations are vital to our social fabric, and we work hard to service these industries with the best products at the best possible price.

Our product range extends well beyond the normal, everyday office too. Take just one example – the community leisure centre. They can benefit from an extensive range that goes beyond office chairs and desks and into lockers and changing room furniture like benches. We even provide solutions for wet areas, with lockers and island units designed specifically for these environments.

Instant Credit for Fast Payment

When it comes to the public sector, getting the best value for the taxpayer is vitally important. We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing on all our product ranges, helping local government organisations stay within their budgets.

As another example of our commitment to local authorities and organisations, we offer instant credit facilities to ensure you can quickly identify the products you need and have them delivered totally hassle-free.

Everyone from councils, the NHS, schools, universities, colleges, HMPS and the MOD can benefit from this. When ordering online, simply select the payment option 'Invoice me' or 'Proforma' at checkout and enjoy instant credit from Furniture At Work.

All that’s left to do now is try us out. Head over to the Furniture At Work site and order your new office furniture today.