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Fire Retardant Noticeboards

Flameshield Unframed Noticeboard

Only £45.00 + VAT
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Acanite Eco Noticeboards

Only £58.00 + VAT
RRP £145.00

Flameshield Tamperproof Noticeboard

Only £124.00 + VAT
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Flameshield Top Hinged Noticeboard

Only £162.00 + VAT
RRP £405.00

24 Item(s)

Fire Retardant Noticeboards

Safety is everything in some environments, particularly schools and other learning establishments. This is why at Furniture at Work™, we stock fire retardant noticeboards that are specially designed to be non-flammable.

Why would you need a fire retardant noticeboard? Unfortunately, boards placed in public places can be a target for vandals. However, if the noticeboard is essential, you can ward off the the threat of tampering, interference and even attempted arson with a product such as the Resist-A-Flame® tamperproof noticeboard. These boards come in many different sizes, and you can also customise yours by selecting single or double doors and the colour of the cloth backdrop.

Lockable and tested to British Standard certification levels, our flame retardant noticeboards offer peace of mind that your display will continue serving the community or your organisation without being interfered with. Change the display whenever you need to, and securely lock your board behind you.

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