The Best Home Office Desks for Remote Working

Working from home has fast become the norm because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many of us having to adjust quickly to this new way of working. Remote working offers us flexibility and the comfort of working in our own home, but you no longer have the equipment and furniture you used to rely on in the office.

It’s important to have a work environment where you feel comfortable and productive, that’s why we’ve put together a selection of the best home office desks for anyone looking for an upgrade to their workstation. Our recommendations each have their own pros and cons, meaning we’ve got something for every shopping list.

Best Office Desks in 2022

1. Tenor Home Office Desk – £145

+ Storage space

+ Corner desk

+ Stylish design

– Only available in one size

This is one of the best home desks, offering plenty of desk space, storage, without taking up too much room. You can comfortably fit a laptop, second monitor and even some speakers on this desk, while neatly tucking away papers and a printer using the shelves underneath.

The summer oak desktop on a sturdy white metal frame offers a stylish design that looks great in any home office space. Dimensions include: 120wx100dx76h (cm). Unfortunately, there are no cable access ports with this desk, but the space underneath allows you to tidily run cables up the back of the desk, powering your gadgets without creating a tangle of wires.

2. All Beech Deluxe Rectangular Desk – £150

+ Multiple sizes available

+ Heat and stain resistant

+ x2 cable access ports

This beech rectangular desk is one of the best on offer. It has a simplistic design, is well-built and has a sturdy frame. Available in a range of sizes, you can choose dimensions that best fit your home working space. The stylish beech also features a 25mm heat and stain-resistant topper so you can enjoy your morning coffee without worrying about ruining your new desk.

If a tidy workspace is a priority for you, you’ll need a desk with neat cable management. This desk has two cable access ports, so you don’t have to deal with wires cluttering your work environment. We talked about sizes, our smallest model is 80wx80dx73h and the largest is 180wx80dx73, there are four other options available.

3. Vivace Home Office Desk – £162

+ Stylish design

+ Doesn’t take up much space

+ Magnetic hooks, drink holder and wall bracket

– Limited desk space

– Only available in one size

If your priority is a minimal, stylish office desk that has space for a laptop and paperwork, this could be the best option for you. The black metal frame with a grey oak finish adds a modern look that fits in any office setting, the design also guarantees it doesn’t take up much floor space. This desk also comes with some unique features that will help you stay organised while working from home. The hutch section with a black magnetic centre allows you to hang reminders, notes and other paperwork. It also comes with hooks for headphones, a drinks holder and wall brackets.

While we know this is a practical purchase, we also think the desk’s design and great features make it the ideal gaming desk. If you’re into your gaming, it could be a great multipurpose desk for both work and play.

Dimensions are: 120wx60dx76/114h (cm)

4. All Grey Oak C-Leg Ergonomic Desk Left/Right – £196

+ Ergonomic design

+ Extra space

+ Multiple sizes available

+ x2 cable access ports

­ bigger desks weigh more

This is one of the best corner office desks if you have a large space and want lots of room for a second screen or storage. You can use the two cable access ports to wire up all your tech and gadgets without creating an untidy workspace.

The ergonomic curved design of the desk allows you to sit comfortably and gives you space to make the most of all areas of the desk. Available in a range of sizes, you can find a home office desk that best fits the space you have at home. Dimensions include 140wx120/80dx73h (cm), 160wx120/80dx73h and 180wx120/80d/73h.

5. Portal L Shaped Workstation – £414

+ Generous working area

+ High quality, sturdy build

+ Storage space

+ x2 cable access ports

– Bigger desks weigh more

– Expensive

This is one of the best home office desks if you’re looking for an impressive centrepiece for your workspace. If you work with a lot of tech or equipment, this corner desk is a great option. You have a generous working area, equipped with two cable access ports to avoid any messy wires tangling and spoiling the aesthetics of your home office.

It’s also a great option if storage is important. A fully extending filing draw will help keep your papers organised and integral shelving offers quick access to equipment or documents you don’t want to keep on the desktop. This desk also looks great, it has a high quality, sturdy build and a Dover oak finish with slate coloured desktop. This premium desk might not be ideal for those on a tighter budget, but we guarantee you’ll be happy with your investment if you’re looking for the best of the best.

Also Worth Considering

6. Allegro Home Office Desk – £138

This desk is great if you’re looking for an affordable, stylish desk with enough space to fit a laptop, a lamp and some paperwork. It won’t take up much room and the space underneath makes it easy to run wires without it looking untidy. It has built in-in frame shelves that provide additional storage space, helping you keep your desktop from becoming cluttered.

7. Serchio Wall Desk – £165

The Serchio Wall Desk is definitely worth a mention when considering the best home office desks. This is because it folds away and appears just like an ordinary shelf when not in use, ideal if space is limited at home and you’re only remote working from time to time. It’s perfect for an office, home office, study or bedroom, and has useful features including an interior bulletin board and an upper shelf for extra storage.

8. Legato Home Office Desk – £187

This office desk comes with a concrete grey finish with a grey oak desktop, it has a modern, minimal look and fits the colour scheme of any home office. There’s plenty of desk space for a monitor and work documents, as well as some personal items, and you can make use of the drawer and cupboard for storage. Dimensions are w136xd60xh76 (cm) and it comes with a one-year warranty.  

9. Small Office Desk Set With Single Drawer & Printer Shelf – £340

If you’re willing to pay a little more, this is the ultimate working from home desk. It’s small enough so it doesn’t take up too much space but has everything you need for your workspace. The desktop has enough space for a computer or laptop and has two cable access ports to keep the wires tidy. It also has a printer shelf, a lockable single drawer for documents and is made from MFC which is resistant to hot cups and scratches. It also looks great, is available in different materials, and what’s more, they’re all hand finished and manufactured in the UK.

10. Diogo Executive Computer Desk – £109

This desk is affordable, professional and provides a space to be comfortably productive at home. It’s one of the best home office desks for the price and comes with a small drawer that’s perfect for papers and documents. It’s made with high quality, durable material and has a stylish cinnamon cherry colour effect.

This article should help you find the best desk for your home office. If you’re looking for other office furniture to create a productive workspace, we also have office chairs, storage options and more on our website.

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