How to Clean Your Office Chairs

Office chairs, especially ones that are in daily use, need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking their best. When doing this, it’s important to always use the most effective method - and this may vary depending on the materials your furniture is crafted from. The following tips should help you to clean different kinds of office chairs in the most appropriate ways.

How do you clean a fabric chair?

fabric office chair

When cleaning a fabric chair, it’s important to look for labels that can indicate if they need treating with water-based products or dry cleaning. A “W” will signify a water-based solution while an “S” will suggest solvent cleaning.

First, vacuum the fabric portions of your chair intensively to remove any dry particles and residue that could be pushed into the fabric further once you start cleaning.

It’s advisable when cleaning with either water-based products or solvents to test your solution on a small, and if possible inconspicuous, area of the chair. This allows you to check it’s working with no unwanted damage or colour change to the fabric.

For chairs that can be cleaned with water-based solutions, you can use a clean cloth with warm water mixed with some liquid soap - and dab at any stains. Fold your cloth, ensuring you are only ever using a clean part of the cloth. Keep repeating this operation until the stains vanish.

On chairs where solvents are suitable, use the same method as above for water-based cleaning. Always make sure when using dry cleaning sprays to keep the room well ventilated while you clean and read the solvent instructions carefully.

How to clean leather seats?

leather office chair

When it comes to leather office seating, it’s best to check your chair for a manufacturer label as these often provide specific directions for care. If you are unable to find one, don’t fret, just follow these steps to keep your leather looking perfect.

Vacuuming is a good place to begin, but try using a soft brush attachment and a low suction setting if possible to protect your leather. For light cleaning, use warm water on a clean cloth, but always ensure you wipe rather than scrub to avoid scratches. For a deeper clean, you can add a squirt of liquid soap and wipe over the surfaces gently.

Make use of a dry cloth or paper towel to remove any soapy residue that may have collected. Once finished, give the leather a further polish by buffing with a clean dry cloth that doesn’t leave lint. There are protective sprays for leather, which you can apply at this point if you would like to safeguard your seat further.

How do you clean a mesh office chair?

mesh office chair

Mesh office chairs provide a hard-wearing seating choice sure to fit in today’s modern office. As with other areas of the office used by staff, these chairs can soon become coated in dust and lunchtime crumbs.

To start cleaning, vacuum the mesh thoroughly utilising a hose attachment if available as this will service you best when it comes to accessing the narrow crevices of the chair where debris tends to gather. Next, take a warm wet wash-cloth with a little liquid soap and, after draining excess water, wipe down the mesh. If your chair has wheels, make sure you pay them some attention too.

For the less accessible parts of the chair where you can still see grime, try a cotton bud and you’ll soon remove any lingering residue. When the mesh is clean and shiny, wipe it down with some paper towels or alternatively just leave it to dry.

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