Impress your Guests with these Four Office Design Features

Your priority when designing or renovating office space should be your employees and their needs. But there’s also another consideration - how does your office look to visitors, clients and prospective partners? What does it say about your business?

If you’re out to impress, these four office design features could be just what you need to wow your guests - and keep your staff happy too.

An amazing reception space

office recpetion


Your reception has a really important job to do. It’s the first place that most visitors will see, so it needs to impress. Your reception needs to be comfortable, professional and welcoming, but it also needs to communicate instantly what your company and its brand is all about. This can be a tough ask, which is why it’s crucial to plan your reception carefully.

A popular approach is to incorporate the reception with a coffee bar or breakout space, which conveys an innovative and forward-thinking approach to modern working. Most visitors don’t expect a separate and formal reception space in a modern office.  However, it is recommended to get a fantastic reception desk so that visitors know exactly where to go when they arrive, and to make sure they are welcomed by someone right away.

A coffee bar

coffee bar


Coffee bars and small cafes are fast replacing staff rooms and poky employee kitchens, especially in medium to large firms. Even if you don’t have much space, it’s very easy and surprisingly affordable to create a standout feature (one that looks amazing too) like this. All you need is a couple of counters, a decent coffee machine, tables and chairs. You can go for modular pods or cafe-style tables, or even sofas or breakout seating. Visitors will love this kind of cool space, which demonstrates an investment in your employees as well as enhancing your brand image.

Original art

office wall art


If you want to communicate your brand and ethos in your office space, how you decorate your walls is one of the best and most powerful ways to do it. Choose pieces that reflect your company, perhaps seeking input from your employees too, and if you’re a local-focused company then promoting local artists is a fantastic thing to do. You can really make a statement with artwork, from ceiling-high murals to thought-provoking sculpture. As long as it remains professional and carefully chosen, art in the workplace can be a fabulously stimulating and impressive thing.

Themed meeting rooms

meeting room


Theming your meeting rooms is a great way to create a talking point with your guests, and to show them the real personality behind the business.
Think carefully about the themes you choose, relating them to the business or the local area, and how you can execute your ideas in a tasteful and professional manner. For example, pairing professional meeting tables and executive office furniture with a colourful piece of wall art. There’s plenty of room for creativity and a sense of humour, but you might want to tone down some of the more ‘out there’ ideas in the name of professionalism.

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