Pipe & Channel Water Set 2

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  • Pipe & Channel Water Set 2
  • Ideal for use in early year environments
  • Outdoor water play has multiple benefits for children
  • Water play fosters curiosity, imagination and experimentation
  • Help with cognitive development, mathematics and science concepts, enhance physical skills, promote social learning and cooperative effort
  • Children will naturally problem solve as they play
  • Included accessories will help to increase and enhance the learning experience
  • Children explore gravity and engineering when they play with our pipe and channel sets
  • They will observe, experiment and tinker with ideas as they play and manipulate to make the water flow in different directions
  • Consists of 50 pieces in total
  • Includes 2 x grey trays, 10 pieces of 50mm clear tubing in 3 lengths, 8 x plastic linking tubes, 4 straight 900mm half circle pipes, 2 X plastic sluices, 6 x castle stands, 6 x boats, 8 x balls, 2 x buckets and 2 x ladles
  • Large blue tray not included
  • Brown and grey finish
  • 1 year warranty