Reservoir Water Set

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  • Reservoir Water Set
  • Ideal for use in early year environments
  • Suitable for ages 3 and over
  • Fun sensory play experience
  • Great STEM activity as children can experiment and observe different heights and effects on water flow
  • Children will enjoy filling the buckets and ladles and transferring water into the reservoirs
  • Hollow balls and small boats will add to the fun as children observe the effect of water flow on gravity
  • Help to teach children opposing ideas like floating and sinking
  • Each reservoir features its own sluice that children can open and close to release or stop the water flow
  • Perfect for group play and social interaction skills
  • Supplied with 6 x small plastic boats, 5 x hollow balls, 3 x ladles and 3 x buckets
  • Set includes 2 x grey trays
  • Reservoirs are made from polypropylene plastic with stainless steel adjustable legs
  • Channels are a combination of marine plywood and extremely strong polycarbonate tubing
  • Large blue tray not included
  • Multi coloured finish
  • 1 year warranty
  • Overall Width: 330cm
  • Overall Depth: 260cm