Word Processor Game Board

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  • Word processor game board
  • Suitable for both indoor use in classrooms and hallways or outdoor use in playgrounds
  • Brightly coloured design that engages young children and helps to improve literacy skills
  • Spin the blue wheel to choose the number of words required (5, 10 or 15)
  • Spin the green wheel to choose the subject (there are 8 different options)
  • Spin the red wheel to choose the letter that each answer should start with
  • Children can work together in teams to complete their answers on the chalkboard sections and the results for each round can be recorded in the space provided - the team with the most points wins
  • Made from heavy duty rigid plastic panels
  • Durable design that is UV light and weather resistant
  • Non toxic making the signs safe for use around young children
  • Can be easily wall mounted
  • Supplied with a fixing kit
  • Includes a free pack of chalk
  • Available in a choice of sizes
  • 1 year warranty
  • Width: 120cm, 180cm
  • Height: 87cm, 130cm