The Great Tea or Coffee Debate: We Survey the Nation

In offices across the nation, workers rely on the humble tradition of the tea break for a much-needed rest from their desk. But is the cup of tea still the number one hot drink of choice for people across the country? Or has the availability of a range of tasty and convenient coffee options shunted

Take a Break: Can You Beat Our Brainteasers in Record Time?

Working days can often fly by in a flash and it can be all too easy to sit at your desk and keep your head buried in your work without coming up for a breather. In fact, our recent study found that 12% of people don’t take any breaks during a working day. Taking a

From Cryling Cabinets to Crisps: Our Favourite April Fool’s Pranks of 2022

April Fool’s Day has become synonymous with brands, celebrities and businesses having fun on social media with wacky and hilarious new products, sending the Twittersphere into overdrive and leading everyone to question everything they see on April 1st. This year, we jumped in on the fun with our brand-new Cryling Cabinet, a (sorry to tell

The Cryling Cabinet: The Future of Office Furniture

As 2022 is seeing the workforce return to the office, those age-old problems are coming back to the fore. We’ve all had that feeling where we’ve sat in the office, the stresses of working life getting the better of us, the water cooler gossip testing our patience and the boss who just won’t cut us

6 Ways to Update Your Office Space on a Budget

We spend a lot of time in our offices. So, it makes sense that these spaces should provide the comfortable and inspiring surroundings needed to work to our best. As they see so much use, offices can quickly become tired and in need of a spruce up. Doing a complete makeover isn’t within every budget,

Office Etiquette: 17 Unwritten Rules of the Workplace

Life in the office isn’t just about how well you do your job; adhering to the correct etiquette can directly affect the trajectory of your career. Office etiquette is important to professional success, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re an intern, executive or upper management, the way you interact with your co-workers says a lot

The Best Home Office Desks for Remote Working

Working from home has fast become the norm because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many of us having to adjust quickly to this new way of working. Remote working offers us flexibility and the comfort of working in our own home, but you no longer have the equipment and furniture you used to rely on

9 Ways to Keep Your Workspace Clean and Hygienic

Most of us have had to quickly adjust to a new way of working after offices closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote working has many benefits, with people ditching morning commutes and enjoying more flexibility. But, without the office, we have also had to ensure we have a suitable workspace at home. This doesn’t

Which Desk Personality are You? Examining Four Common Desk Setups

Given the amount of time you spend sitting at your office desk, the space practically becomes an extension of you and your personality. Whether you realise it or not, the way you set up your desk space can be a direct reflection of your personality and can say a lot about how judgemental we are

11 Simple Ways to Increase Office Recycling

Most workplaces now have some form of office recycling program, but it may be limited and there is always more you can be doing to protect the environment. Recycling and a sustainable way of operating is now a desirable business trait to many potential employees and partners, so increasing office recycling can also be seen