Posture Problems Under The Microscope

From hunching over our smartphones to slumping at our desks, modern life is full of everyday activities that encourage poor posture. While you may not pay much attention to the way in which you stand or sit on a daily basis, it could be taking a serious toll on your health and wellbeing. As well

What's your office design New Year's Resolution?

It might be Christmas eve, but at Furniture at Work, we are already thinking about the New Year. A new year, for many, means a new start and new possibilities. It’s a chance to reflect upon the past, evaluate the current year and think about where improvements can be made… Both at home, and in the

Why Your Office's Reception Matters

Many relationships are forged within the first few minutes of a business encounter, with some figures suggesting that 75% of business is lost based on first impressions. As such, creating the right experience for those visiting your business could mean the difference between a customer for life and a negative word of mouth review.  

Why Give Your Office A Festive Makeover

It will take a very special type of person not to get even a little bit excited as the Christmas period looms. Decking the halls with boughs of holly not only makes the world seem a little bit brighter and more interesting for a few short weeks, but it also brings people together and instills

Mums, Is The Office Chair A Place You Can Relax?

If you’re a working mum, your mornings might be chaotic. From climbing out of bed at the crack of dawn to preparing breakfast, getting your children up and dressed and locating missing school uniforms and shoes, attempting to keep order during the first couple of hours of the day may leave you feeling a little

Create A More Efficient Office For 2016 In 5 Easy Steps

Increased efficiency in the workplace will help companies see greater profits and allow them to be even more competitive within their industry. Furthermore, being efficient will help businesses to satisfy customers more effectively and improve customer retention in the process, something that will almost certainly lead to long-term prosperity.   When it comes to getting

What Your Guests Really Think Of Your Office Chairs

They say that first impressions last. More importantly, in business, first impressions are sometimes the only impressions you get to leave. When it comes to office design, knowing this could help you to create an office space that shows you in very the best light – something which could do wonders for customer retention.