How to Choose Computer Desks for Home

With more of us working from home, most of us are going to find ourselves looking for a computer desk at some stage. And an old table or desk probably isn’t going to be up to the task.

Before you commit, think about what computer equipment and documents you want to store in the desk, and the shelving you need. How often will you be using it and how big will the working surface need to be? Do you want a pull-out tray?

While most computer desks for home use are rectangular and fit against a wall, there are variations. A corner computer desk maximises limited space, while an L-shaped one provides extra working space, and clearly divides off a separate work area.

If you need lots of storage space, a U-shaped desk offers one practical solution, allowing you to keep papers and books within easy reach of your laptop or PC.

Finally, mobile computer carts with wheels can be easily stored out of the way when you are not working.

The finish and colour of your desk should complement existing décor and furniture. With many to choose from, including laminates, plastic, metal and wood, it’s easy to find something smart-looking and functional.

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