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7 Benefits of Staff Lockers in the Workplace

Changing office culture has seen a rise in hot desking, flexible hours and work-from-home policies. Employers are beginning to recognise the value of offering their employees flexibility and benefits to improve morale and increase loyalty. Workplace culture is now seen as a real draw for people looking for new jobs, putting pressure on businesses to

3 must-haves for a more organised office space

Do you struggle to keep your office space organised? If so, you’re in luck. In this blog, we take a look at three must-haves that can help you maintain order throughout your work area. 1. Under-desk drawers During a typical day at work, it can be easy for your office desk to become piled high

Office Narnia – Where would you choose to go?

Let’s be honest, every office worker will have let their mind wander whilst sitting at their office desk at some point during their working life (it may even be a daily occurrence for some), but where do you choose to go? Do you dream of being sat in the sun on a beach somewhere? Do

Meeting Storage Requirements

Many furniture at work problems arise due to poor storage solutions that are not adapted for their primary purpose. Of course, storage invariably always does get used but this does not mean that space is being used effectively. Using filing cabinets to store bulky items, for instance, may not only waste space but it could

Providing your staff with suitable lockers

Lockers have long been provided by employers to help workers keep their personal items safe. However, such storage is arguably more important now than ever before. Every day, your workers may come through your doors carrying a whole range of expensive possessions, meaning it’s crucial that they’re able to store them out of harm’s way.