What is Modular Office Furniture?

The modern office is an ever-changing environment. Employees today are requesting increased flexibility in their tasks, from self-management to working partly from home with hours to suit their individual needs. Offices are taking on board these desires and are now beginning to reflect this in their workspaces. The ability to quickly and easily adapt to a workplace to suit different demands and occasions is fast becoming an essential element for the office and new options for work furnishings are required. Modular office furniture can be an ideal solution to suit this new trend in how we work.

What is modular office furniture?

Modular office furniture is a term to describe furnishings that can be used either combined or separately in a variety of different formations to suit your needs. An ideal example of this office equipment would be an interconnected collection of workstations that forms a base for team collaboration but can be disassembled after the initial project stage into individual desks where team members can carry out their specific role.

What are the benefits of modular office furniture?

Being able to alter your office setup on a whim or for a specific reason is an invaluable asset. Made from exceptionally lightweight but durable materials, modular office furniture is very simple to move around and assemble. This is perfect when your organisation wants to remain agile, quickly preparing for impromptu team chats or last-minute business to business meetings with visiting companies. After these unique events, it’s just as simple to disassemble the set up and reclaim your space. From modular desks to storage solutions, this furniture is incredibly flexible and can easily be repurposed as and when needed. This also helps to keep your work environment feeling new, which can have a positive effect on creative thinking and office wellbeing. The importance of a sleek and professional look to your organisation can never be underestimated. Modern modular office furniture always looks the part and creates a collective look across your workplace whether it’s united or separated into individual stations. You can relocate an item like an office storage unit from your main workspace to reception without it ever looking out of place. This type of furnishing is incredibly cost efficient too. The ability to swap out and mix things up when it comes to modular office furniture means you can keep things fresh without having to reinvest in a new suite of seating and desks. As it can be separated into smaller, lighter and easy to carry pieces, it also means when you want to shake up your look, you won’t have the cost of hiring outside help for the move. The durable nature of modular office furniture also means that you receive considerable value for your money over time.

How to design a modular workspace

When designing your modular workspace leave lots of room for change and make your people a priority. Try not to block the light with your furnishings. Employees are both happier and more productive with a natural light source and views from windows, so set up your modular office furniture with this in mind. Keep things open plan if you can wherever possible with plenty of space for moving modular furniture around when you need to customise your office space. Leaving large areas of empty space is not only valuable for clear thinking, but also provides places to set up ad hoc installations of modular office furniture. From the monthly meeting round a modular boardroom table to a six-desk set up for a training seminar, it’s always handy to have extensive floor space at your disposal. Employees are the backbone and heart of any company, so think about your staff and place their individual needs first to get the most happy and effective workforce. For example, some individuals may consider themselves to be an introvert and need quiet to work, so it’s important that they have areas away from the hub where they can perform comfortably and at their best. On the other hand, some individuals need to collaborate and voice their thoughts, so cluster desks together for these outgoing members of your teams. While some employees take to change well, there will be others who work best with less disruption and the security of a set post. For these staff members, create corner desk environments that you won’t have to relocate in a spur of the moment move. Modular office screens can be a great way to temporarily segment your office for both more private meetings and also to avoid distraction to other staff members. Don’t be afraid to experiment either, with the flexible quality of modular office furniture you can try out a variety of layouts with ease. It’s no bad thing to move things around from time to time to stay current and keep your staff feeling they are part of an office that’s always in a state of progress.